Step-by-step procedure

  1. Before filling in the form below read through the different sections including Terms and Conditions and in case of any questions please contact
  2. Fill in and submit the form.
  3. After our review (normally within 1-2 days) you will receive a license agreement together with the scales and instructions in pdf format.

License request form

    SECTION 1 - Intended usage

    Select usage category

    See Terms and Conditions below for definitions.

    Information about intended usage / study name

    SECTION 2 - Licensed products

    Select the Borg scale that you would like to obtain a license for. In addition to the base license you can select an additional language.

    Base license for the Borg RPE scale®

    Additional languages for the Borg RPE Scale®:

    Base license for Borg CR scale® (CR10)

    Additional languages for the Borg CR Scale® (CR10):

    Scale version:
    Contact if the 2016 version is required.

    Base license for Borg centiMax scale® (CR100)

    Additional languages for the Borg centiMax Scale® (CR100):

    There is no fee for this license.

    SECTION 3 - Licensee details





    Post code


    SECTION 4 - Terms and Conditions

    Important highlights

    This license is only for usage as selected above i.e. not for commercial usage.

    It is not allowed to modify the scale e.g. add colors or change words.

    The scale must look like the pdf version also when integrated in an App.

    If the Scale is published in an article or used in an app, a proper reference is required including a link to

    Complete agreement

    SECTION 5 - Submission of form

    Please answer the following question (spam protection). See sample scales if you are unsure: