BorgPerception AB, a Swedish company for “Borg Scales” (the Borg RPE scale® and Borg CR scales®). This is the exclusive licensed distributor all over the world for the authorized, official, validated products of Dr. Gunnar Borg’s research in psychophysics and medicine. This research led to the creation of world-renowned scales for measuring sensations and experiences such as somatic symptoms e.g., perceived exertion and fatigue, breathlessness and difficulties breathing (dyspnea), chest pain (angina), muscular-skeletal aches and pains, feelings of mental load, anxiety, depression, happiness etc., and also common sensory perceptions.

Most common FAQs

#1 What is needed to be able to use a Borg Scale?
To be able to use a Borg scale you need to obtain a license and pay applicable fee. See How to obtain for more details about the process. 

#2 How do I get a translation for a specific language?
On the page How to obtain you will find the translations that are available for the different scales. If you are missing a language please contact us for a quotation for an addition translation.

#3 Does BorgPerception AB provide the “Modified Borg Scale for Dyspnea”?
Regarding the “Modified Borg Scale for Dyspnea”, this is not the correct version of the scale. The correct version is the Borg CR10 scale® that Gunnar Borg has developed and that is extensively used all over the world at, for example hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and training institutes. The “Modified Borg Scale for Dyspnea” often refers to a scale where the word Light is used instead of Weak and Severe instead of Strong. These words are not equivalent in “interpretation” (meaning and numerical position) and “preciseness” (interindividual variance). The verbal anchors have been carefully chosen and placed at their numerical position so that the scale is constructed to give ratio data that corresponds to what is obtained with a psychophysical scaling method called magnitude estimation (that on group level has been shown to give ratio data). The Borg CR10 scale is also a general intensity scale. This means that there is no need to modify the scale in order to adapt it for specific symptoms (with one scale for exertion, another for pain, one for breathlessness, dyspnea, etc.), but the same scale can be used for any symptom that has an intensity variation. So, with a correct administration and instruction, the Borg CR10 scale, can be used for perceived exertion, pain and dyspnea, and also for motivation, depression, anxiety, or loudness, taste, smell, etc. And the values can be compared intra-individually and even inter-individually. So, that if I rate my perceived exertion as 8, and my pain as 4 and my dyspnea as 2 and depression as 1, this means that I am twice as exerted as I have pain, and my pain is 4 times as strong as my feelings of depression (etc).

#4 Can I add colors to the scale? 
No. Colors can also have subjective meaning and may interfere with the interpretation of the words and numbers.

See also FAQ for more questions and answers.

Gunnar Borg, PhD, MD h.c., 1927-2020

Our beloved father Gunnar Borg passed away February 02 2020 at an age of 92 years old. In life our father was dedicated to his family and to his research. Up until his last days in life he was active in his research and the day before he passed away we had a discussion about theories of psychophysical measurements. But mostly we will remeber our father as the loving father that was always looking out for his family.

Elisabet & Per