Obtain a license for publishing the scales


1) Fill in the form below and submit your request to obtain a license. After submission you will receive a draft license agreement (after approx 10 minutes) from requests@borgperception.se.
2) Please review the license agreement and contact requests@borgperception.se if something needs to be changed or if you have any questions.
3) Within 5 days (normally quicker) BorgPerception AB will review your request and, if everything is approved, send you a final version of the license agreement.

License request form

    SECTION 1 - Agreement details

    This license is used to approve publishing of a Borg scale. The purpose is to secure that the correct versions of the Borg scales are used. Also to secure that proper references are made.

    Agreement category

    SECTION 2 - Product details

    Select the Borg scale that you would like to obtain a license for.

    Borg RPE Scale®

    Borg CR Scale® (CR10)

    Borg centiMax Scale® (CR100)

    There is no fee for this license.

    SECTION 3 - Licensee details

    Enter below details about the company that is requesting to obtain the license.

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    SECTION 4 - Terms and Conditions

    Please read and accept the terms and conditions.

    SECTION 5 - Additional information and submission of form

    Please provide information about the publication where the Borg scale is intended to be published. Also upload a picture of the scale so that we can secure that it is the correct version and not a modified variant.