Obtain a license for Commercial usage in a Single study


1) Fill in the form below and submit your request to obtain a license. After submission you will receive a draft license agreement (after approx 10 minutes) from requests@borgperception.se.
2) Please review the draft license agreement, make comments or adjustments as you see fit and send it back to requests@borgperception.se. If you make changes in the document please use “track changes” or clearly highlight any changes.
3) After the text has been agreed you will receive a final version of the license agreement for both parties to sign.
4) When the license agreement is completed you will receive the scales as pdf files together with an invoice.

License request form

    SECTION 1 - Agreement details

    Usage category

    If you already have a valid license agreement and only need to add one or several additional language(s), select the option Amendment below. For example if you have an ongoing subscription and need to add more languages.

    Is this an amendment to an existing license agreement?

    Enter a reference to the licence agreement (ID or date):

    SECTION 2 - Product details

    Select the Borg scale that you would like to obtain a license for. The base license includes English and Swedish. After selecting the base license there is a number of translations that you can choose from.

    Base license for the Borg RPE Scale® (English and Swedish)

    Additional languages for the Borg RPE Scale®

    Base license for Borg CR Scale® (CR10) (English and Swedish)

    Additional languages for the Borg CR Scale® (CR10)

    Base license for Borg centiMax Scale® (CR100) (English and Swedish)

    Additional languages for the Borg centiMax Scale® (CR100)

    Additional languages for the Borg RPE Scale®

    Additional languages for the Borg CR Scale® (CR10)

    Additional languages for the Borg centiMax Scale® (CR100)

    Fee (EURO)

    If you request a language that does not exist, please contact info@borgperception.se

    SECTION 3 - Licensee details

    Enter below details about the company that is requesting to obtain the license.

    Contact person



    VAT number

    Street address


    Post code


    SECTION 4 - Billing details

    Special billing address?

    Enter below information where the invoice should be sent.

    Billing contact person

    Billing email

    Billing address

    Billing city

    Billing post code

    Billing country

    SECTION 5 - Payment details

    For example, under this section you can state that Invoice is requested and that a specific reference (PO number) should be included on the invoice.

    Payment method

    If PayPal is chosen we will send you a PayPal payment request within 5 days (normally quicker). Note that we will add 3.5% to cover for PayPal fees.

    Fee for PayPal (EURO)

    Total fee (EURO)

    Customer reference

    SECTION 6 - Terms and Conditions

    Please follow the link below and read the terms and conditions.


    The acceptance of the terms and conditions can either be done by checking the box below or by signing the final license agreement (a draft license agreement is sent to you after submission of this form). Note that the first option gives a quicker process.

    SECTION 7 - Additional information and submission of form

    Add information about intended usage, if integration in IT systems/apps will be done, etc.

    Additional information