How to obtain

Commonly the big users, such as separate hospitals, laboratories, rehab. centers, pharmaceutical companies, training institutes, health clubs, sports clubs or big sport organizations etc get permissions to use the scales with correct instructions by an agreement with BorgPerception AB. For this to function in a correct way a formal License Agreement (LA) is signed by the parties. The LA may either be a short-term contract, e.g. for a special study of symptoms or difficulties with a new product, a medicine or an ergonomic instrument, or a long term subscription renewed yearly.

The fee depends on the magnitude of the usage, e.g. number of studies, sites and languages. For students and non-funded researchers only an administrative fee is charged. If new languages are needed, a cost for the translation will be added to the fee.

The scales and instructions are provided as PDF files. A folder in English with information for the test leaders can be downloaded from this home page under Methodology.