Commonly the big users, such as separate hospitals, laboratories, rehab. centers, pharmaceutical companies, training institutes, health clubs, sports clubs or big sport organizations etc get permissions to use the scales with correct instructions by an agreement with Borg Perception. For this to function in a correct way a formal License Agreement (LA) is signed by the parties. The LA, including the scale with detailed instructions in English, may either be a short-term contract, e.g. for a special study of symptoms or difficulties with a new product, a medicine or an ergonomic instrument.  The LA may also concern a long term, one-for-all contract.  

The fee for a LA depends upon how big the study is, or how big and common the daily run of things are, and if it is a one-for-all long project or not. It can therefore vary from 50€ to 900€ (or more for a very big company of several sub-users). Then there are some fees for different languages. For individual, personal and private usage each person can turn to an organization that has a LA with Borg Perception, or for a very low fee to Borg Perception.  

The material is provided with printed copies or digital PDF files setting forth the Scale and instructions in the required languages. A folder in English with information for the test leaders is also obtained. Special services with lectures and seminars, or consultations of methodological problems, can also be obtained.